Building business
value streams

Digitize what brings value

from all industries and any use-case


Keep track of your work, files and responsiblities with an unmatched integration and overview.


Streamline your orders process, provide self-service to your customers. Achieve unmatched agency of your sales and IT wiht adhering to the necessary compliance, all in one solution.


Use the customer centric view to support your customers as well as employees and shorten ticket cycles with unique experience and full transparency.

Work smarter and more efficient

Hand each key stakeholders the tools that they need to
bring knowledge to the table.

Get the best out of your

The adaptive way to handle all your important work from one
interface and always know what happened when with whom.

Make your policies transparent
and executable

Through defining your business rules and goals in natural
language they are transparent and understendable to every
business user. No more implicit hardcoded rules buried in
the application-code.

Integrate and deploy with ease

The Papyrus Platform provides the tools for integrating with
anything that you already have or might want in the future.
Converse equips the business with the necessary tools, to
self-serve their needs. Including the creation and deployment of new functionality.